Fix bugs

  • Fixed cover command is not working if manga doesn’t have covers for specified language #82


Fix bugs

  • Fixed pdf-volume and cb7-volume formats are not working after upgrading to v2.10.x #78


Fix bugs

  • Fixed cbz format are not working after upgrading to v2.10.0 #74


New features

  • Added stacked progress bar layout (accessible from --progress-bar-layout=stacked) #65

  • Added --volume-cover-language to change volume cover locale #66

  • Added --log-level to change logging level #65

Fix bugs

  • Fix inconsistent volume cover locale #66



  • --no-progress-bar is deprecated in favor of --progress-bar-layout. This option will be removed in v3.0.0

  • --verbose is deprecated in favor of --log-level. This option will be removed in v3.0.0


Fix bugs

  • Fixed --write-tachiyomi-info is not working when system locale is set to other language (not English) #62

  • Fixed --write-tachiyomi-info is not working when any single or volume formats is used #63


New features

  • Added ability to download covers manga #60

Fix bugs

  • Fix error message is not showing when chapters with specified langauge is not found

  • Fixed --type are not respecting full URL



  • Removed --no-chapter-info as it’s deprecated from v2.6.0


  • Fixed --no-track is not working in version 2.8.x #56


Fix bugs

  • download.db are no longer exist when --no-track is used

  • Fixed download tracker are not tracking chapters properly in raw-single and raw-volume formats

  • Fixed duplicated results when using any commands (random, library, etc) or search with --input-pos "*" used


  • Fixed “database is locked” when --path is set to network shared directory #52

  • Fixed “image file is truncated (xx bytes not processed)” error when using any pdf formats #54


New features

  • Add ability to disable tracking downloads #45

  • Add ability to add custom DoH (DNS over HTTPS) provider

  • Added support for legacy URL forums thread (…)

Fix bugs

  • Fixed high CPU usage when downloading large chapters #48

  • Fixed download from forum threads are not working if the URL containing page (page-123) with post-id (post-123)


  • File hash creation for download tracker are now asynchronous to improve performance

  • Added more metadata (tags and authors) to any epub formats



Fix bugs

  • Fixed download tracker are not tracking chapters properly #51


Fix bugs

  • Fixed --use-chapter-cover is throwing error because of missing fonts (PyPI users only).



  • Reworked creation chapter info (cover) #44


  • Pillow is now required dependecies (no longer optional)


Fix bugs

  • Fixed app is slowing down after downloading 100+ chapters

  • Fixed files are automatically verified if previous download is not complete

  • Fixed --use-volume-cover is not working if manga doesn’t have “No volume” cover #46


Fix bugs

  • Fixed resume download is not working properly

  • Fixed download forum thread is not working when option --input-pos "*" is used

  • Fixed --replace option is not working when using converted formats (cbz, pdf, epub, epub-volume, etc)


New features

  • Added ability to add more groups or users in --group option

  • Added ability to set retries for failed HTTP requests (--http-retries)

  • Added OAuth2 login support (--login-method oauth2)

  • Added ability to download unread chapters (--download-mode unread, require authentication) #39

  • Added ability to add volume cover for volume formats #41

  • Added ability to download MangaDex URLs from forum thread (

Fix bugs

  • Fixed download is not resuming when network error happened

  • Fixed download is overflowing when trying to resume incomplete download

  • Fixed various bugs in command-line options parser


  • Rework how to download latest chapters on various formats. See commit 865b7f5 for more info


  • Bump orjson to v3.8.3

  • beautifulsoup4 are now required dependecies (no longer optional)

Breaking changes

  • Chapter info (cover) creation are be disabled by default. Use --use-chapter-cover to enable it.


  • Removed --search-filter and -sf option as it’s deprecated from v2.4.0

  • Format tachiyomi and tachiyomi-zip are now deprecated, please use raw and cbz with --write-tachiyomi-info instead

  • --no-chapter-info are now deprecated in favor of --use-chapter-cover and will be removed in v2.9.0


Fix bugs

  • Fixed typo in filter error message

  • Fixed year filter is not working

  • Fixed validator for environment MANGADEXDL_TAGS_BLACKLIST is not respecting rate limit

  • Fixed app is crashing due to backward compatibility for config


  • Some optimizations


Fix bugs

  • Fixed option --group is not working due to duplicate chapters.


Fix bugs

  • Fixed options --use-chapter-title and --no-group-name is not working. #37

  • Fixed duplicate chapters. #37


Fix bugs

  • Fixed chapters are often skipped #36

  • Fixed unhandled exception because of MANGADEXDL_USER_BLACKLIST filter


Fix bugs

  • Fixed input command if user entering a invalid input on first try


  • Do not download cover and create folder if manga doesn’t contain downloadable chapters (single language only)

  • Do not show traceback errors when manga doesn’t have downloadable chapters

New features

  • Added ability to block one or more tags


Fix bugs

  • Fixed content_rating filter is not working in random manga


Fix bugs

  • Removed unnecessary console output from random command


New features

  • Added filters on random manga


  • Added new filters

    • author_or_artist

Fix bugs

  • Fixed progress bar are not hidden when --no-progress-bar is used


  • Bump Pillow to v9.3.0

  • Bump py7zr to v0.20.2

Breaking changes

  • --search-filter and -sf are no longer working as replaced with --filter and -ft option. The --search-filter and -sf option will be removed in v2.6.0


New features

  • Added ability to disable progress bar


  • When executing login_cache:purge cached auth tokens will be invalidated (not only purged)

  • Update in bundled executable is now verify the file before proceed to install


New features

  • Added new environment variables



  • Added new config

    • sort_by

  • Added --sort-by, Sorting download by volume or chapter

  • Added ability to blacklist users and groups


New features

  • Add new environment variables



  • Added ability to download seasonal manga

Fix bugs

  • Fixed download file is incomplete when network error happened


Fix bugs

  • Fixed the app repeatedly download chapter images after error happened in one of MD@H node


Fix bugs

  • Fixed the app failed to download because of:

    • manga has volume with leading zeros numbers (ex: 00, 01)

    • manga has volume that is not numbers (ex: 3C63, xxx)

    • manga doesn’t have cover


Fix bugs

  • Fixed UnboundLocalError: local variable 'delay' referenced before assignment when the app get rate limited

  • Fixed download in any single formats is not working if there is no chapters want to download

  • Fixed the app is leaving empty folders if chapters or volume already exists #35


Fix bugs

  • Fixed downloader is keep restarting indefinitely if the server has a problem.


  • Downloader now has a default timeout (15 seconds) to prevent infinite waiting


New features

  • Added ability to auto select prompt (list, library, followed-list command) #29

  • Added ability to disable creation of chapter info for any single and volume formats #30

  • Added new config

    • no_chapter_info

    • no_group_name

  • Added new search filters

  • Added optional dependency orjson for faster loading and dumping JSON object.

  • Added EPUB support (epub, epub-volume, epub-single)


  • Search filter included_tags and excluded_tags are now accepting keyword

Fix bugs

  • Fixed message Chapter ... from group ... has no images is not showing properly.

  • Fixed batch download error handler is not working

  • Fixed download is overflowing when .temp file is out of range

  • Fixed memory slowly increased during download

  • Fixed download with raw-single format is not working.

  • Fixed error OSError: broken data stream when reading image file when downloading in any pdf formats.

  • Fixed downloder is overflowing when server didn’t support Range header

Breaking changes

  • Removed --unsafe and -u option (deprecated from v1.3.0)

  • Removed --no-verify and -nv option

  • Removed API references notes

  • Changed extension file for tachiyomi-zip format (from .zip to .cbz)

  • Pillow is no longer required when downloading in any single and volume format.

  • All formats will download and convert in separated time (previously was download and convert in same time).

  • --range option is disabled, because it’s broken right now and needs to reworked

Notes: API references removal

All public API is now become private API. Please do not use it for your python script. Those can be changed without any notice.


Fix bugs

  • Fixed improper validation for file:<location> command

  • Fixed error cannot save mode xxx when downloading in any pdf format


Fix bugs

  • Fixed the app won’t start #28.

  • Fixed -doh or --dns-over-https option are not working.


New features

  • Added ability to download manga from scanlator group

  • Added new search filter

    • group

  • Added new config

    • dns_over_https


  • Added delay to each failed HTTP(s) requests (Delay time formula: attempt * 0.5). If --delay-requests is set, delay time will be used from --delay-requests instead.

  • Simplified error message [notes]


  • Pinned requests-doh library version to 0.2.2

Notes: Simplified error message

Error message has been simplified, no more showing usage on every error thrown.


$ mangadex-dl "library:ayeeee lmao"
usage: mangadex-dl [-h] [--type {manga,list,chapter,legacy-manga,legacy-chapter}] [--path FOLDER] [--replace]
                   [--verbose] [--unsafe] [--search] [--search-filter SEARCH_FILTER] [--use-alt-details]
                   [--group GROUP_ID] [-lang LANGUAGE] [--list-languages] [--start-chapter CHAPTER]
                   [--end-chapter CHAPTER] [--no-oneshot-chapter] [--no-group-name] [--use-chapter-title]
                   [--range RANGE] [--start-page NUM_PAGE] [--end-page NUM_PAGE] [--use-compressed-image]
                   [--cover {original,512px,256px,none}] [--login] [--login-username USERNAME]
                   [--login-password PASSWORD] [--login-cache]
                   [--save-as {raw,raw-volume,raw-single,tachiyomi,tachiyomi-zip,pdf,pdf-volume,pdf-single,cbz,cbz-volume,cbz-single,cb7,cb7-volume,cb7-single}]
                   [--proxy SOCKS / HTTP Proxy] [--proxy-env] [--force-https] [--delay-requests TIME_IN_SECONDS]
                   [--dns-over-https PROVIDER] [--timeout TIME_IN_SECONDS] [-pipe] [--no-verify] [-v] [--update]
mangadex-dl: error: ayeeee lmao are not valid status, choices are {reading, on_hold, plan_to_read, completed, dropped, re_reading}


$ mangadex-dl "library:ayeeee lmao"
Error: ayeee lmao are not valid status, choices are {dropped, completed, on_hold, plan_to_read, re_reading, reading}


Fix bugs

  • Fixed duplicate ComicInfo.xml in cbz format when app is in verifying files state #27.



  • Added ComicInfo.xml for cbz format. This file is useful for showing details of manga (if an reader support ComicInfo.xml file) #26.


New features

  • Added DNS-over-HTTPS support

  • Added ability to set timeout for each HTTP(s) requests


New features

  • Added ability to throttle requests #24

Fix bugs

  • Fixed error Too many open files in Unix-based systems when downloading manga in any pdf format

  • Fixed false owner list name when executing command list:<user-id>

  • Fixed unproperly parsed list command


  • Do not re-download cover manga when it already exist #23


  • Bump py7zr to v0.20.0


New features

  • Added ability to choose and download random manga

Fix bugs

  • Fixed report system is not working if HTTP response is server error

  • Fixed fail to parse authors and artists when fetching manga


New features

  • Added web URL location (http, https) support for batch download syntax

  • Added new languages

    • Azerbaijani

    • Slovak

  • Added search filters

  • Added --force-https and -fh option, forcing you to download images in standard HTTPS port 443

  • Added new configs

    • force_https

    • path

  • Added ability to preview cover manga when searching manga


  • Reduced time to preview list

Fix bugs

  • Fixed error NameError: name 'exit' is not defined in bundled executable when executing command login_cache or login_cache:show

  • Fixed mangadex-downloader won’t start in Python 3.8

  • Fixed config is not parsed properly

Breaking changes

  • Removed unsafe feature, --unsafe or -u option is still exist but it’s doing nothing and will be removed in v2.0.0. See b32dac4

  • Removed --enable-legacy-sorting option as it’s deprecated since v1.1.0

Notes: Unsafe feature removal

You may be wondering, why remove a feature that got added 2 months before ?
Okay that was my mistake, because i was really naive to implement some restriction that makes user have a complicated process when downloading manga from MangaDex. See d3470ce, but here’s the thing, it’s a downloader tool and it has nothing to do with content restrictions in a downloader tool.


Fix bugs

  • Fixed fail to get manga, lists, followed lists from user library (The error only happened if user is logged in from cache).


New features

  • Added ability to download manga in all languages

  • Added cache authentication

  • Added config

  • Added new languages

    • Kazakh

    • Tamil

  • Added support for Other language

  • Added --range (or -rg) option, allow you to download specific chapters and pages.

Fix bugs

  • Fixed conflict URL argument with pipe input

  • Fixed update is failing if user is logged in

  • Fixed batch download throwing an error if location is pointed at folder


  • Simplified chapter and volume name. For example: From Volume. n Chapter. n to Vol. n Ch. n

  • Reduced requests fetching all chapters

  • When batch downloading urls and error encountered. Do not stop immediately, instead ignore broken url

  • Now you can search manga with empty keyword (mangadex-dl -s)

  • Reduced startup time mangadex-downloader

  • [mangadex_downloader.format.utils.delete_file()] Do not remove files when it doesn’t exist

Breaking changes

  • MangaDex legacy urls are now deprecated

  • beautifoulsoup4 dependency was removed, because all of app works is depend on MangaDex API not MangaDex frontend website

  • Erotica manga now cannot be downloaded without unsafe enabled


New features

  • Added aliases command line args

  • Added --version, -v to print version

  • Added ability to download list from user library

  • Added ability to filter scanlation groups with user

  • Added ability to download user followed list

  • Added batch download with syntax file:<path_to_file> to prevent conflict with reserved names in URL argument

Fix bugs

  • Fix missing fonts in Linux for any volume and single formats. If error occurred during creating chapter info or the text is really small. Please install Arial font or FreeSans font (from GNU FreeFont) #20 @bachhh


  • Whenever the app in resuming download state, it will verify all downloaded images. Causing the app to perform faster when resuming download. NOTE: in v1.0.2 and lower, the app will open connection to MangaDex CDN to check if image from MangaDex CDN is same size as the downloaded one, which cause slow performance.

  • Reduced fetching time before downloading a MangaDex list

  • The app will not stop when server error happened. Instead, retry for 5 times. If still failed, the app will exit.

Breaking changes

  • --enable-legacy-sorting is now deprecated and does nothing. All images will be named with numbers leading zeros (ex: 001.jpg)

  • pdf format now will download the chapter first and then convert it.


Fix bugs

  • Fixed --replace is not working properly in cbz format

  • Fixed --enable-legacy-sorting is not working properly in cbz format

  • Fixed duplicate oneshot

New features

  • From now on, you can download mangas from user library (require authentication)

  • Added new formats


Fix bugs

  • Fix page is starting from 2 when format cbz and pdf single is used

  • Fix Random NoneType error while downloading #19


New features

  • Legacy MangaDex url is now downloadable

  • Added localization title and description for manga, with this you can choose different titles in different languages !

  • Added pipe input

  • Added ability to download all same chapters with different scanlation groups #9

  • Added ability to add chapter title to each chapters filename

  • Added shortcut option for --language

  • Added new formats

    • raw

    • raw-volume #13

    • raw-single

    • pdf-volume #13

    • cbz-volume #13

  • Added search feature

  • Added ability to login with email

  • Added old technique sorting images #10

  • Now, each chapter filename has scanlation group name on it

Fix bugs

  • Fixed image is not finished downloading but marked as “finished” #14

  • Fixed duplicate scanlation groups #11

  • For Mac OS users, error like “OSError: cannot open resource” is should not be happened again. If you are getting this error again, please install Arial font (arial.ttf) in your OS. If still getting error, please report it to issue tracker


  • Reduced requests to MangaDex server (to reduce hit limits and provide faster downloading)

  • Much better error handling

Breaking changes

  • mangadex-downloader now restrict downloading porn content by default, you can bypass it using --unsafe option. See d3470ce why i’m doing this. (NOTE: to clarify, you still can search porn manga in MangaDex by login and enable it in settings)

  • aiohttp dependency was removed, because i don’t have a plan to make mangadex-downloader asynchronous, also to reduce time to load the app.

  • Changed default format from tachiyomi to raw format, see 6aa1c98 why i’m doing this.


  • Downloading manga with format pdf-single or cbz-single throwing error The _imagingft C module is not installed after updating to v0.6.x in bundled executable

  • Download a list with different language is not working


  • Added pdf-single save as format

  • Added cbz (Comic Book Archive) save as format

  • Added cbz-single save as format

  • Now, you can download a list ( or a chapter (

  • Added --type option to override type MangaDex url

  • Added --start-page option, start download chapter page from given page number

  • Added --end-page option, stop download chapter page from give page number


  • Fixed --update option is not working

  • Fixed unhandled exception if --start-chapter is more than --end-chapter

  • Optimized app

  • Better error handling


  • Fixed critical ModuleNotFoundError for those who installed from PyPI



PyPI version is broken, the bug is already fixed in v0.5.1

  • Fixed oneshot chapter is unproperly parsed

  • Fix chapters are sometimes in string not in numbers #7

  • Fix ConnectionError

  • Added none type in --cover option, if the value is none it will not download cover manga.

  • Added save as format, available in 3 formats: {tachiyomi, tachiyomi-zip, pdf}. Default to tachiyomi

  • Added PDF support

  • Added Tachiyomi zipped support

  • From now mangadex-downloader will no longer support Python 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7


  • Fixed sometimes manga are failed to get volumes

  • Fixed additional info manga are not appeared in Tachiyomi local

  • Fixed uncomplete artists and authors in manga

  • Fixed app still running when --start-chapter are more than --end-chapter

  • Fixed app throwing error if one of chapters has no images

  • Added auth handler. If login and logout is failed it will try again 5 times, if still failed it will exit (login) or ignored (logout)

  • Added --cover option, select quality cover to download

  • Changed license from The Unlicense to MIT License. From now the app will be released under MIT License.


  • Fixed error if selected manga with different translated language has no chapters.

  • Fixed sometimes manga are failed to get chapters.

  • From now the app will fetch the chapters first before download the covers, writing details, etc.


  • Added multi urls in a file support

  • Added multi languages support

  • Added update feature, NOTE: This feature highly experimental for compiled app

  • Fix bug #6


  • A lot of bug fixes

  • Added authentication support

  • Reworked how download chapter images work

  • Added CTRL + C handler

  • Added documentation

  • Added --replace option

For more detail about updates, see below.

  • Fixed --start-chapter and --end-chapter malfunctioning #5 , thanks to @kegilbert !

  • Added --replace option, replace manga if exist.

  • Added KeyboardInterrupt (Ctrl+C) handler, so there are no messy outputs when CTRL + C is pressed. See example below.


$ mangadex-dl "a96676e5-8ae2-425e-b549-7f15dd34a6d8"
[INFO] Fetching manga a96676e5-8ae2-425e-b549-7f15dd34a6d8
[INFO] Downloading cover manga Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.
file_sizes:  55%|██████████████▏           | 1.51M/2.76M [00:00<00:00, 5.84MB/s]^CTraceback (most recent call last):
  File ".../.local/bin/mangadex-dl", line 8, in <module>
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 59, in main
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 45, in _main
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 84, in download
    download_file(manga.cover_art, str(cover_path))
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 27, in download
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 117, in download


$ mangadex-dl "a96676e5-8ae2-425e-b549-7f15dd34a6d8"
[INFO] Fetching manga a96676e5-8ae2-425e-b549-7f15dd34a6d8
[INFO] Downloading cover manga Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.
file_sizes:  50%|████████████▉             | 1.38M/2.76M [00:00<00:00, 3.11MB/s]
[INFO] Cleaning up...
Action interrupted by user
  • Added type checking for MangaDex url, so no more messy outputs. See example below


$ mangadex-dl "invalid manga"
[ERROR] invalid manga is not valid mangadex url
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".../.local/bin/mangadex-dl", line 8, in <module>
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 59, in main
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 45, in _main
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 37, in download
    raise e from None
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 34, in download
    manga_id = validate_url(url)
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 15, in validate_url
    raise InvalidURL('Invalid MangaDex URL or manga id')
mangadex_downloader.errors.InvalidURL: Invalid MangaDex URL or manga id


$ mangadex-dl "invalid manga"
usage: mangadex-dl [-h] [--folder FOLDER] [--replace] [--proxy SOCKS / HTTP Proxy] [--proxy-env] [--verbose]
                   [--start-chapter CHAPTER] [--end-chapter CHAPTER] [--use-compressed-image] [--no-oneshot-chapter]
                   [--login] [--login-username USERNAME] [--login-password PASSWORD]
                   URL error: argument URL: Invalid MangaDex URL or manga id
  • Fixed report time for MangaDex network are high numbers

  • Fixed massive reports to MangaDex network if response status_code was 206

  • HTTP server errors are now handled by the session

  • Now download() will raise InvalidManga if given manga are not exist, see example below.


$ mangadex-dl "2bdf5af0-54ab-41e2-978b-58e74bdb9d15"
[INFO] Fetching manga 2bdf5af0-54ab-41e2-978b-58e74bdb9d15
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 11, in get_manga
    raise HTTPException('Server sending %s code' % r.status_code) from None
mangadex_downloader.errors.HTTPException: Server sending 404 code


$ mangadex-dl "2bdf5af0-54ab-41e2-978b-58e74bdb9d15"
[INFO] Fetching manga 2bdf5af0-54ab-41e2-978b-58e74bdb9d15
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...\mangadex-downloader\mangadex_downloader\", line 9, in get_manga
    raise InvalidManga('Manga \"%s\" cannot be found' % manga_id)
mangadex_downloader.errors.InvalidManga: Manga "2bdf5af0-54ab-41e2-978b-58e74bdb9d15" cannot be found


  • Some optimization

  • Downloading chapters are now starting from zero (the previous one was from highest chapter)

  • Added --no-oneshot-chapter. If oneshot chapter exist, don’t download it.

  • Added --use-compressed-image. Use low size images manga

  • Added --start-chapter. Start download chapter from given chapter number.

  • Added --end-chapter. Stop download chapter from given chapter number.

  • Added compressed_image parameter in download() function

  • Added start_chapter parameter in download() function

  • Added end_chapter parameter in download() function

  • Added no_oneshot_chapter in download() function


This update fixes critical error from v0.1.0


  • Reworked app for MangaDex API v5

  • Added CLI

  • Added proxy support (http or socks)

  • From now, the app will always download in tachiyomi local format.

Other features are coming soon.


A lot of errors during running mangadex-downloader v0.1.0. The errors (included with solution) can be see below:

Case 1

Error: The app throwing error like this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...../mangadex-downloader", line 5, in <module>
    from mangadex_downloader.__main__ import main
  File "...../python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 13, in <module>
    from .main import *
  File "..../python3.8/site-packages/mangadex_downloader/", line 2, in <module>
    from pathvalidate import sanitize_filename
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pathvalidate'

Solution: Install pathvalidate

# For Windows
py -3 -m pip install pathvalidate

# For Linux / Mac OS
python3 -m pip install pathvalidate

Case 2

Error: CLI mangadex-dl or mangadex-downloader didn’t work.

$ mangadex-dl
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "...", line 8, in <module>
TypeError: main() missing 1 required positional argument: 'argv'

Solution: Run mangadex-downloader module from python app with -m option

# For Windows
py -3 -m mangadex_downloader

# For Linux / Mac OS
python3 -m mangadex_downloader


  • Bug fix: Changed API Mangadex URL from to

  • New feature: Added latest_chapters attribute in MangaData class, to see the latest chapters in manga


  • New feature: added Mangadex.extract_basic_info() to grab all information in manga without the chapters.

  • New feature: added data_saver argument in Mangadex.extract_info() and to use low quality and size image.

  • Enchantment: now mangadex-downloader will always using API for fetching information and chapters for manga, NOTE: for grabbing manga id still need scrapping from main website.

  • Enchantment: Improved verbose logger.

  • Bug fix: fixed failed to create folder when downloading manga in windows OS.

  • language argument in Mangadex class, MangadexFetcher class, and mangadex_downloader.parser.parse_infos() (this function is removed too) is removed, until i explore all languages code in mangadex, right now mangadex-downloader will fetch and download in English language by default.


  • Bug fix: given url doesn’t have title in url causing empty and useless loop request

  • Bug fix: MangaData.__repr__() raise error for oneshot genre manga

  • New Feature: Add output_folder in Mangadex class arguments for choose the path in which store the downloaded mangas #1

  • Enchantment: add functional


  • fixed failed to getting info when manga dont have more than 100 chapters