Authentication cache

Re-use authentication tokens for later use. These tokens stored in same place as config is stored. You don’t have to use --login again with this, just run the app and you will be automatically logged in.


You must enable config in order to use authentication cache.

Syntax command

mangadex-dl "login_cache:<subcommand>"

Available sub commands


Invalidate and purge cached authentication tokens


Show expiration time cached authentication tokens



You should not use this command, because it exposing your auth tokens to terminal screen. Use this if you know what are you doing.

Show cached authentication tokens

Example usage commands

Enable authentication cache

mangadex-dl "conf:login_cache=1"

# You must login first in order to get cached
mangadex-dl "tamamo no koi" --login -s

# After that you won't need to use --login anymore
mangadex-dl "another manga lmao" -s

Invalidate and purge cached authentication tokens

mangadex-dl "login_cache:purge"

Show expiration time session token and refresh token

mangadex-dl "login_cache:show"

# or

mangadex-dl "login_cache"