Here is a list of available commands that you can execute in mangadex-downloader. Most of them are for to show and download manga or lists. This command can be executed through URL parameter, see syntax below


# Command without argument
mangadex-dl "command"

# Command with argument
mangadex-dl "command:arg"

# Command with multiple arguments
mangadex-dl "command:arg1, arg2, arg3"

Available commands


Show 5 of random manga and select to download

For more information, see Random manga

library STATUS


This command require authentication

Show list of saved manga from logged in user

For more information, see Manga library command

list USER-ID


Argument USER-ID are optional. You must login if you didn’t use USER-ID argument

Show list of saved MDLists from logged in user

For more info, see List library command



This command require authentication

Show list of followed MDLists from logged in user

For more info, see Followed list library command

group GROUP-ID

Show and download list of manga from a group that have uploaded scanlated chapters



Path file can be offline or online location. If you’re using file from online location, it only support HTTP(s) method.

Download list of manga, chapters or lists from a file

For more info, see File command (batch download command)

seasonal SEASON


Argument SEASON are optional

Select and download seasonal manga

For more info, see Seasonal manga


Modify or show config

For more info, see Configuration

login_cache SUBCOMMAND

Modify or show cached authentication tokens expiration time

For more info, see Authentication cache

Example usage

Random manga command

mangadex-dl "random"

File command

# Offline location
mangadex-dl "file:/home/user/mymanga/urls.txt"

# Online location
mangadex-dl "file:"

Modify and show configs

# Show all configs
mangadex-dl "conf"

# Show `save_as` config value
mangadex-dl "conf:save_as"

# Change `dns_over_https` config value
mangadex-dl "conf:dns_over_https=google"