Imagine, you seeing a list of manga in some MangaDex forums thread and you want to download them all. Surely you copy each URLs from the thread and paste them into mangadex-downloader. You must be tired copy paste them all right ? and you wasted your time doing that.

Worry not, you can download all of them directly from mangadex-downloader itself !

Wow, it so cool. How ?

Just copy the forum thread url and paste it into mangadex-downloader

mangadex-dl ""

That’s it, you will be prompted to select which manga, chapter, or list you wanna download. If you don’t wanna be prompted and just wanna download them all, you can use --input-pos option.

# "*" means all
mangadex-dl "" --input-pos "*"

Specific post in a forum thread

mangadex-downloader can find MangaDex URLs to a specific post in forum thread if the URL containing post-id. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you want to download list of manga from this post only.

post in a forum thread

Move your mouse to number sign (#10) on top right corner, right click on your mouse, copy link address and paste it to mangadex-downloader.

mangadex-dl ""

Notice there is #post-16636005 at the end of URL ? Those are called post-id in MangaDex forums. mangadex-downloader will only find MangaDex URLs on that post only, not the entire thread.

Legacy MangaDex forum thread URL

You can use old MangaDex forum thread URL to mangadex-downloader. Just copy the URL, paste it and run it !

mangadex-dl ""


mangadex-downloader only shows results if the thread containing valid MangaDex urls.