Download manga, cover manga, chapter or list

# Manga
mangadex-dl ""

# Cover manga
mangadex-dl ""

# Chapter
mangadex-dl ""

# List
mangadex-dl ""

# Or you can just give the id
mangadex-dl "a96676e5-8ae2-425e-b549-7f15dd34a6d8"


If you want to download private list and you own that list, you must login by using --login option. Otherwise you will get error “List … cannot be found”

mangadex-dl "" --login
# You will be prompted to input (username or email) and password

mangadex-downloader also support old MangaDex url

# Old manga url
mangadex-dl ""

# Old chapter url
mangadex-dl ""


Old MangaDex url only support full URL, not just the id. If you just provide old id, it will not work.

For example

# This will work
mangadex-dl ""

# This will NOT work
mangadex-dl "34"

Download from a forums thread

mangadex-dl ""

# An example
mangadex-dl ""

For more info, you can see it here -> Forums

Batch download

mangadex-downloader support batch downloading. Just type a file and you’re good to go !.

Make sure contents of the file are list of MangaDex urls

# Inside of `urls.txt` file

Example usage:

mangadex-dl "insert a file here"


If you give invalid path to file that containing MangaDex urls, the app will see it as URL. See example below

# Not valid path
$ mangadex-dl "not-exist-lol/lmao.txt"
# error: argument URL: Invalid MangaDex URL or manga id

# valid path
$ mangadex-dl "yes-it-exist/exist.txt"
# ...

Download manga, chapter or list in different format

mangadex-downloader support download manga as different format. For more info about supported formats, you can see it here -> Supported formats

By default, mangadex-downloader will download in raw format. Which just a bunch of images stored in each chapter folder. You can use different format by using --save-as option.

# Save as .pdf
mangadex-dl "" --save-as pdf

# Save as .cbz
mangadex-dl "" --save-as cbz

# Save as raw
mangadex-dl "" --save-as raw

Search a manga and then download it

mangadex-downloader support search and download. You can use it by adding --search option.

mangadex-dl "komi san" --search
# Output:
# =============================
# Search results for "komi san"
# =============================
# (1). ...
# (2). ...
# (3). ...
# (4). ...
# (5). ...
# (6). ...
# (7). ...
# (8). ...
# (9). ...
# (10). ...

# type "next" to show next results
# type "previous" to show previous results
# =>
# ...

Download manga, chapter, or list in different translated language

By default, the app will download in English language. To view all available languages, use --list-languages option.

mangadex-dl --list-languages
# ...

An example downloading a manga in Indonesian language.

mangadex-dl "" --language "id"
mangadex-dl "" --language "Indonesian"

File management

mangadex-downloader support store in different path / folder.

mangadex-dl "" --folder "insert directory here"

# or

mangadex-dl "" --path "insert directory here"

# or

mangadex-dl "" -d "insert directory here"

It also support replace existing manga, chapter or list

mangadex-dl "" --replace

Also, you can add chapter title for each folder.

mangadex-dl "" --use-chapter-title

By default, mangadex-downloader will add scanlator group name for each chapter folder. If you don’t want this, use --no-group-name option

mangadex-dl "" --no-group-name

Chapters and pages range

mangadex-downloader support download manga with specified range chapters and pages

# This will download chapters from 20 to 69
mangadex-dl "" --start-chapter 20 --end-chapter 69

# This will download chapters from 20 to 69 and pages from 5 to 20
mangadex-dl "" --start-chapter 20 --end-chapter 69 --start-page 5 --end-page 20


If you use --start-page and --end-page when downloading manga it will download all chapter with specified range pages

You can use --start-page and --end-page too when downloading a chapter

mangadex-dl "" --start-page 5 --end-page 20


You can’t use these options when downloading a list. If you’re trying to do that, it will throw a error.

mangadex-dl "" --start-chapter 20 --end-chapter 69
# Output: [ERROR] --start-chapter is not allowed when download a list

By default, oneshot chapter are downloaded. If you don’t want download oneshot chapter, use --no-oneshot-chapter.

Example usage:

mangadex-dl "" --no-oneshot-chapter

Manga cover

# Download manga with original quality cover (the default)
mangadex-dl "" --cover "original"

# 512px quality
mangadex-dl "" --cover "512px"

# 256px quality
mangadex-dl "" --cover "256px"

# No cover
mangadex-dl "" --cover "none"

Login to MangaDex

You can download private list and manga from your library if you logged in.

mangadex-dl "" --login
# MangaDex username / email => "insert MangaDex username or email here"
# MangaDex password => "insert MangaDex password here"
# [INFO] Logging in to MangaDex
# [INFO] Logged in to MangaDex
# ...

You can specify (username or email) and password without be prompted (less secure) ! using --login-username and --login-password

mangadex-dl "" --login --login-username "..." --login-password "..."
# [INFO] Logging in to MangaDex
# [INFO] Logged in to MangaDex
# ...

Choose and download random manga

In case you wanna try something different, this feature is for you !

Example usage:

mangadex-dl "random"

it also support filters

mangadex-dl "random" --filter "content_rating=safe, suggestive"

For more information, see Random manga

Download seasonal manga

Trying to see something good in this season ?

mangadex-dl "seasonal"

For more information, see Seasonal manga

Update mangadex-downloader

mangadex-dl --update