A command-line tool to download manga from MangaDex, written in Python.

Key features

  • Download manga, cover manga, chapter, or list directly from MangaDex

  • Download manga or list from user library

  • Find and download MangaDex URLs from MangaDex forums (

  • Download manga in each chapters, each volumes, or wrap all chapters into single file

  • Search (with filters) and download manga

  • Filter chapters with scalantion groups or users

  • Manga tags, groups, and users blacklist support

  • Batch download support

  • Authentication (with cache) support

  • Control how many chapters and pages you want to download

  • Multi languages support

  • Legacy MangaDex url support

  • Save as raw images, EPUB, PDF, Comic Book Archive (.cbz or .cb7)

  • Respect API rate limit

Getting started


To see all available manuals, see References