Command-line Interface (CLI) options#

Global options#


MangaDex URL or a file containing MangaDex URLs. This parameter also can be used for commands, to see all available commands see Commands

--type -t manga|cover|list|chapter|legacy-manga|legacy-chapter#

Override type MangaDex url. By default, it auto detect given url

--folder --path -d DIRECTORY#

Store manga in given folder / directory

--replace -r#

Replace manga, chapter, or list (if exist)

--filter -ft#

Apply filter to search and random manga

For more information, see Filters

--download-mode -dm#

Set download mode, you can set to default or unread. If you set to unread, the app will download unread chapters only (require authentication). If you set to default the app will download all chapters



This option is deprecated and will be removed in v3.0.0. Use --log-level with value DEBUG instead.

Enable verbose output

Chapter and page range#

--range -rg#


This option can only be used for downloading manga. Downloading a list or chapter while using this option will throw an error.

A range pattern to download specific chapters

Save as format#

--save-as -f raw|raw-volume|raw-single|tachiyomi|tachiyomi-zip|pdf|pdf-volume|pdf-single|cbz|cbz-volume|cbz-single|cb7|cb7-volume|cb7-single#

Choose save as format, default to raw. For more information about formats, see Supported formats



Automatically select choices in selectable prompt (list, library, followed-list command)


This option does not apply to --use-alt-details


If set, the app will accept pipe input

-v --version#

Print mangadex-downloader version



If you enable this, the application will not verify images and chapters. Also file download.db will not created.

Disable download tracking

Console output#

--log-level LEVEL#

Set logger level, available options: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET. Default level is INFO.

For more information, see Logging levels

-pbl --progress-bar-layout LAYOUT#

Set progress bar layout, available options: default, stacked, none. Default layout is default. Set layout none to disable progress bar.

-spb-order --stacked-progress-bar-order ORDER#

Set stacked progress bar order, available options: volumes, chapters, pages, file sizes, convert. Multiple values is supported, separated by comma. Default order is volumes, chapters, pages, file sizes, convert

-npb --no-progress-bar#


This option is deprecated and will be removed in v3.0.0. Use --progress-bar-layout with value none instead

Disable progress bar when downloading or converting

Update application#


Update mangadex-downloader to latest version