App names#

There is few app names in mangadex-downloader:

  • mangadex-dl

  • mangadex-downloader


If none of above doesnt work use this

# For Windows
py -3 -m mangadex_downloader

# For Linux
python3 -m mangadex_downloader


For bundled executable will remain mangadex-dl


Global options#


MangaDex URL or a file containing MangaDex URLs. Type library:<status> to download manga from logged in user library, if <status> is provided, it will fetch all mangas with given reading status, if not, then it will fetch all mangas from logged in user. Type list:<user_id> to download MangaDex list user, if <user_id> is provided it will download public list, if not, then it will download from public and private list from logged in user. Type followed-list to download followed MangaDex list from logged in user

--type -t manga|cover|list|chapter|legacy-manga|legacy-chapter#

Override type MangaDex url. By default, it auto detect given url

--folder --path -d FOLDER#

Store manga in given folder / directory

--replace -r#

Replace manga, chapter, or list (if exist)

--filter -ft#

Apply filter to search and random manga

For more information, see Filters

--download-mode -dm#

Set download mode, you can set to default or unread. If you set to unread, the app will download unread chapters only (require authentication). If you set to default the app will download all chapters


Enable verbose output

Chapter and page range#

--range -rg#


This option can only be used for downloading manga. Downloading a list or chapter while using this option will throw an error.

A range pattern to download specific chapters

Save as format#

--save-as -f raw|raw-volume|raw-single|tachiyomi|tachiyomi-zip|pdf|pdf-volume|pdf-single|cbz|cbz-volume|cbz-single|cb7|cb7-volume|cb7-single#

Choose save as format, default to raw



Automatically select choices in selectable prompt (list, library, followed-list command)


If set, the app will accept pipe input

-v --version#

Print mangadex-downloader version

-npb --no-progress-bar#

Disable progress bar when downloading or converting



If you enable this, the application will not verify images and chapters. Also file download.db will not created.

Disable download tracking

Update application#


Update mangadex-downloader to latest version

Available commands#

Example usage#

mangadex-dl "random"

List of commands#


Show 5 of random manga and select to download

For more info, see Random manga


Show list of saved manga from logged in user

For more info, see Manga library command


Show list of saved MDLists from logged in user

For more info, see List library command


Show list of followed MDLists from logged in user

For more info, see Followed list library command


Show list of manga from a group that have uploaded scanlated chapters


Download list of manga, chapters or lists from a file

For more info, see File command (batch download command)


Select and download seasonal manga

For more info, see Seasonal manga


Modify or show config

For more info, see Configuration


Modify or show cached authentication tokens expiration time

For more info, see Authentication cache